Solar Eclipse

You may have seen already a solar eclipse in different forms either in real life experience or looking at the photos posted or uploaded in the social media or in the news in television or radio or newspaper. Solar eclipse occurrence is not very common to happen in a year and it is a very interesting event and so millions of people can make effort to view it. But there are hindrances that prevent people from being able to see the solar eclipse like the location.

The solar eclipse happens when during the passing of the moon in between the earth and the sun and the moon can partially block or fully block the sun. It then creates the image that many people take photos of as the look is very interesting and amazing to see. But you should not view the scene directly as the ray of the sun can be damaging to the eyes. It can lead to blindness which would be a permanent condition already.

There is a full eclipse or a partial eclipse that depends on the location of the moon. The eclipses are not seen in very same position as others that had happenedĀ before. That makes it more unique and very interesting for the sight of men that are not yet perfect. If you also want to be able to try the experience of viewing the solar eclipse then you must prepare yourself and know what are the things to prepare and what things to do.