Eclipse Chaser Guide

Because the eclipse is not a very common occurrence and it is not seen in all places around the world that is why many people are taking advantages when they have the time to be able to view. They can stop their work to witness the happening of it. But if you also want to be one of the eclipse chasers then you can be able to begin doing it by learning the basics of doing it. Information about it should be known also in that place.

If you want to take photos of the eclipse then better protect your eyes so that they will not be damaged.  You can put the eclipse glasses over the lens of your camera so that you can take a picture safely. Do not ever look directly at the eclipse. You can make your own eyeglass or buy your own. there are those who are sold by NASA that you will be sure are original and they will function very well to protect you.

One thing that you should know is the location where you can view the eclipse very well. As there are many parts of the world, there could be those who can view it only partially or fully or others it will look just like a cloud. That is why they made a research on when and where. If you really want to see the eclipse then you can travel to the place where you can see it the way you want.